• What Happened in 15th of July 2016 in Turkey?
    Dear Academicians,

    Dear Business Partners,

    As everyone knows, the “National Terrorist Act” on July 15, 2016 wounded all of us deeply. We found solace in the knowledge that right from the off we circumvented such a devastating act regarded as a shameful attempt to overturn national sovereignty and the democratic parliamentary system and overleap the people’s will.

    Even so, everyone in Turkey is worried about the possibility of adverse effects from this attempt becoming prevalent over the long-term and on a global basis. Most particularly, we are all upset by negative comments and derogatory news on foreign media organs. We believe that such negative thoughts are often caused by disinformation and misinterpretation. Foreign individuals, who are likely affected by these misleading comments and news, may tend to question their longstanding economic cooperation with Turkey and give up the idea of attending any exhibitions in Turkey. Frankly speaking, there is no predicament in Turkey that will effect economic, social or cultural life.

    As we know, the mere prevention of said terrorist act is not sufficient. We, Turkey as a whole, now have to win a second war; a battle to suppress the deliberate attempt to tarnish Turkey’s image.

    Please see the links on the left to find an informative letter in 32 languages.

    In addition, a video clip is available in English, Arabic, and German.

    The aim here is to inform you, in your language, of nothing but the truth regarding what happened in Turkey.

    Yours Sincerely.
    Prepared in collaboration with ÇİD.
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