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YEDAB’S Announcement

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YEDAB’S Announcement

The covid 19 outbreak, which negatively affects the whole world, has also affected and continues to affect our industry.

We admit that our partner language schools offer online education and registration freezing options to existing enrolled students as an alternative way to minimise the outcomes of this critical period.

But, in Turkey, a country where there are sudden changes in foreign currencies and the students’ ‘socio-economic situations’ change very often, and most importantly the prospect of not being able to obtain re-visa, the high probability of their future demand to be paid off the remaining tuition by applying their agents is an undeniable fact. This threat should be addressed very carefully by all the partners of our sector.

We all witness that we are experiencing one of the most difficult times of the industry in history. Our schools and agencies must continue to support each other by creating a synergy in order to get out of the global crisis with the minimum damage. If forces unite, we will come over this crisis.

By the start of safe travels and the issuance of visas, we believe that the students who apply for academic or language studies at the latest in the middle of summer will start going abroad again and our business will get back into the circulation even by increasing.

We will come through this crisis by getting stronger all together.

YEDAB -Overseas Education Consultants Association’s


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